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Thread: Edit test

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    Re: Edit test

    Testing the edit procedure.

    Here is the edit...
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    Re: Edit test

    Originally Posted by Aviyah

    This also works for Safari (might work for Chrome): Right click on the edit button and "open link in new tab."

    You just have to copy-paste the text from the first tab and edit away. Switching to mobile is still better if you need to keep the quote bubbles, though.

    Cool! This works for Firefox too.
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    Re: Edit test

    This is what shows up when I am on my desktop and switch to "mobile style" and click the edit pen under the post I want to edit:

    BibleForums Christian Message Board.jpg

    Is it vastly different in Chrome??


    As you can see, a 2nd area is under the delete area with the "Delete Post" bar above the 2nd area. In the 2nd area is the Message field and the edit is done and then the black bar, "Save Changes" is clicked to save the edit.

    Then after the page refreshes, I go to the bottom and click the "Full Site" again.

    End Edit

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