Pray that God will give His protection and authority to church leaders promoting peace and tolerance in Nigeria, including Release partner the Rt Rev Ben Kwashi, Archbishop of Jos.

Pray for the family of Dr Raphael Maiwada Galadima who was abducted and killed in Kaduna, Nigeria as he tried to calm tensions between Muslims and Christians in the state.

Pray for Zwandien whose sister Mary was killed in Nigeria, along with 19 others, when Fulani herdsmen attacked Godogodo village in Kaduna. Zwandien says he has forgiven Mary’s killer.

Pray for Nigerian Christians in Gindin Dutse village, Kaduna, where Fulani herdsmen recently shot dead 70-year-old John Karik and wounded John’s son and a neighbour. Many Christians have fled the area.

Pray that the militants in Nigeria will turn away from violence and pursue peace. Church leaders say that 646 Christians in Plateau state alone were killed from March to October last year.

Pray for Gyang, a university student in Jos, Plateau state, Nigeria, whose entire family were wiped out by Fulani militants recently. His parents, grandmother and three siblings died in the attack, along with six other villagers.

Nigerian Christians displaced by violence in areas such as Plateau state often lose their homes as well as loved ones. Pray that God will provide for women like Talatu Gado who lost her family and home in a raid on Angwan Kauna village: she is now homeless.