We all know that Jewish messiah is associated with both Jesus and antichrist, but in different ways. Jesus is the true Jewish Messiah that Jews rejected (aka Jews rejected their own Messiah) while antichrist is the false Messiah that Jews would embrace (thus becoming the Jewish Messiah, to their own demise). Then of course you can put more emphasis on one or the other, depending on your political likes or dislikes of Jewish people and so forth.

But have you ever considered a third possibility? Maybe Jewish Messiah will be some figure that will happen at a totally separate time from fulfillment of Christian prophecies. Lets say, antichrist will come in a year of 2350 and Jesus will return 7 years later, in 2357. This would leave plenty of room for Jewish Messiah to come, say, in 2170 and rule until, say, 2265 when he will die at a really old age. I mean, according to the Jewish prophecies of the Messiah, their Messiah will die of old age -- in sharp contrast to Jesus (who will never die) and to antichrist (who will die because Jesus will kill him from the breadth of His mouth after the 7 year tribulation is over). So this means that Jewish Messiah can come, live, and die, before either antichrist or Jesus comes on the scene. And this possibility doesn't contradict any of the Christian prophecies: after all, Christian prophecies don't say what might or might not happen BEFORE the book of Revelation unfolds, so who is to say Jewish Messiah -- whom Jews believe to be a mere political leader rather than God -- can't come, live, and die in that time period?

This connects to a different topic: Messianic Judaism and Hebrew Roots movements. Historically, there was a dichotomy: you are either Jewish or you are Christian, you can't be both. A Christian who tried to keep Jewish law was considered a heretic. But Messianics today are challenging this notion: they say yes, you can be both Jewish and Christian. However, there is one glaring exception. While Messianics "take" all of the Jewish practices, they DON"T "take" the Messiah part of it: their Messiah is Jesus. But wait a second. If they challenge the notion that you can't observe two religions at the same time, why don't they also challenge the notion that you can't believe in two Messiahs at the same time? Just like they say they are saved by Christ alone but they still follow Jewish practices for other reasons, they can also say that the Messiah that would bring eternal life is Jesus alone but the other Messiah -- that would come at a different time period -- is still nice, for some other reasons.

In fact, I have heard Messianic Jews that say that the reason church was historically against Jewish practices is antisemitism. So perhaps its possible to say that the reason Christians are against adding Jewish Messiah is antisemitism as well. But that would be funny, since this statement would apply to Messianics. So it would be like Messianics -- while fighting Christian antisemitism -- unwittingly adapted one of the antisemitic beliefs (namely, opposition to Jewish Messiah). But I guess its possible. For example, Christian antisemites, while resenting jews, unwittingly adapted some of the jewish things (even the word amen is a hebrew phrase). Similarly, messianics, while resenting antisemites, might accidentally adapt some antisemitic beliefs, such as opposition to Jewish Messiah.

But anyway, everything I said up till now is just a speculation. Of course, it is entirely POSSIBLE that messiah WILL be the antichrist -- just like it is also POSSIBLE that he won't be. Now *IF* Jewish Messiah will be the antichrist, perhaps the theory that I just presented will be popularized and this would be the exact way antichrist will deceive people. What do you think?