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Watch, "Is Genesis History" and there is massive evidence found even in the Grand Canyon. Which is suppressed. I pray that when you watch it, you do not suppress the evidence but instead, reevaluate your position
I appreciate your creationist and global flood stance, which I agree with. However placing the flood at the end-Permian has more solid geological evidence. Geology confirms a) most mountain building occurred after this
B) the fountains of the great deep did actually burst forth them, the greatest volcanic event occurred then (Siberian traps)
C) the ice caps melted then, causing flooding into ALL continental interiors
D) there was massive movements of sedimentation then at the end-Permian

These are all undeniable geological facts that occurred at the end-Permian, why then base a flood theory on secondary interpretations of the layers, when the primary interpretation fits so very well?

Why were co2 levels dropping, oxygen levels higher, and air pressure higher during those Carboniferous "flood sediments", please explain. How did these levels drop and rise during the flood? Please explain