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  • Jul. 04, 2019 | Indonesia

    Two Believers Arrested for Sharing Gospel Tracts

    [237] prayers in [10] nations have been posted for Andreas and Bintang.
    Two Christian men were imprisoned in February for distributing gospel tracts on the island of Sumatra. Read More.
  • Jul. 04, 2019 | India

    Evangelist Recovering from Beating

    [142] prayers in [9] nations have been posted for Dr. Anjaneya Swami.
    After a long, painful recovery, a former professor who was beaten by Hindu radicals is finally improving. Dr. Anjaneya Swami was hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage in 2017 following an attack and subsequent police interrogation. Read More.
  • Jul. 04, 2019 | Niger

    Mob Torches Churches After Mosque Sermon

    [132] prayers in [7] nations have been posted for Church members after attacks.
    A mob of Muslim radicals attacked two churches in Niger's third largest city on June 13 following an imam's inflammatory message. The protestors burned an Assemblies of God church in the Zaria neighborhood, along with the pastor's car, as well as the Life to the Full Christian Church. Read More.