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Earth had a stronger magnetic field and thicker atmosphere, and had more oxygen before the PTr boundary.

It has been proven that a strong magnetic field suspends more water in the air, there would have been more water in the air back then.

Originally the Garden of Eden had just risen out the sea during creation week, it was highly unlikely to have been of any great heights. If most of the landmass was subsequently formed through huge ice caps dropping sea levels, the melt at the PT boundary would have then returned the landmass to that first appearance of land. The additional loss of water volumes from water vapor would have occurred during the proven magnetic reversal at the P-Tr boundary when suspended water from the strong magnetic field would have lost its suspension and started to fall as rain.

To assume volumes of water vapor were the same before the flood as today, is illogical given the known conditions before the P-Tr boundary, and knowing the Bible describes a different atmosphere back then.
Brother, I believe I was accounting for *all* of the water on earth! This includes precipitation, polar ice caps, icebergs, glaciers, and all of the surface and subterranean waters. The rain in sum would only cover the earth by a thin sheath. The ice would account for, at most, about 200' of water. All the clouds in the sky would not likely dump *all their rain* out at once! And if any terrain features on average rise above 200' the depth of a universal Flood would become negligible. And that is not likely given the necessary topography to allow the various land features mentioned in the Scriptures, including oceans, seas, bays, rivers, and mountains. There has to be highlands in order to contain bodies of water.

If ocean waters are used to account for submerging the whole earth, we would have to see all the land on earth sink back down into the oceans, just as it was in the beginning of creation. You are basically going back to the idea of a sphere. That also didn't happen!