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Thread: The Christian Calendar

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    Re: The Christian Calendar

    Only if you interpret it that way. Just interpret the first month as March.

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    Re: The Christian Calendar

    The Pharisees made the Talmud and the Christians made the Holy BIble. The months in the Holy Bible are just 12 months and we use the Roman names for them now as you see on the New Jerusalem Calendar.

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    Re: The Christian Calendar

    Originally just first month, second month, third month etc., man societies gave names to the months.

    Canaanite influence on month names:
    Abib, Ethanim, Bul, Zif etc

    Babylonian influence on month names:
    Nisan, Tammuz, Adar etc

    Roman influence on month names:
    March, July, February etc

    We use the Roman influenced names these days. Like the first month is March.

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    Re: The Christian Calendar

    Quote Originally Posted by Joshua1 View Post
    I looked at the calendar pdf. How would you personally get people to accept it?
    Did I miss where this got answered?

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    Re: The Christian Calendar

    Just by spreading it around.

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    Re: The Christian Calendar

    Quote Originally Posted by TrustGzus View Post
    Did I miss where this got answered?
    There are a lot of alternate calendars out there. All of them are too much trouble to implement, for no real benefit.

    In addition, calendars that mess with the 7-day week will be rejected by Christians, Muslims, and Jews.

    Also, calendars that mess with the date of Easter will be rejected by Christians. We've had a policy on the date of Easter since Nicaea.

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