Ok so there seems to be a disturbing trend of big name Christian leaders falling away from the faith. I have read two articles recently maybe it's 3 I'm not sure and it saddens me. I'm not quite sure how to feel about this because I understand what they are wrestling with. Even though I see many miracles happening I see so few people getting saved and so few people's lives being changed as evidence of the Holy Spirit living in them. Each of us struggles with sin in our hearts and our lives. My biggest sin happens in my heart when I get irritated with other drivers and I wonder where is the evidence of the Holy Spirit living in me? But I know when I am obeying the Holy Spirit and walking closely with the Lord and listening to him I see and I know that there is a real God whose Spirit dwells in me because I see the evidence when I am obedient. Maybe we just need to learn to teach obedience again and listening again. I don't know but there is something wrong with in the church and it is leaving us open for a great falling away as stated in scriptures that will occur before the Beast Rises up.