From its inception in 2002, the vision and purpose of Bibleforums has been to provide a safe community for believers to discuss and be edified by God's word, as well as to serve as a beacon of the Gospel light in a lost and dying world. For months, that resolve and commitment has been tested by an endless stream of vile porn site links flooding this board. The posts are the result of a hacker-created spam bot program generating thousands of bogus member accounts capable of submitting the offensive posts. We want all our members to know that we have labored tirelessly day and night deleting the posts manually, until a way to prevent them is found. Counter-measures implemented against the program thus far have failed. BUT, it's simply a matter of time. We greatly appreciate the members who have persevered together with us throughout this trial, carrying on in the face of a malicious agent of spiritual darkness. Rest assured that we will continue to remove the filth marring the integrity of our board as it appears, until an effective and permanent solution is found. Please keep us in prayer until we gain the victory.