So back in mid June I quit my job and after a short struggle looking for a new one, while I worked for two companies I got offered a job for a company I really desired to work for pending a background check. So I graduated from High School in 1984, from a small private school of 25, that was K-12, the school is now defunct and the minister who ran it moved, and I canít find my diploma. And even though I was in the military, since they couldnít verify it I pretty much was dropped, because of the check.

I did however get another job the warehouses manager is a Christian. But after a so-so week at best at work i am still wondering why couldnít I have the other job? Donít get me wrong it is a great job and been there about a month. But I feel like I asked the Father for bread and was given a stone; for fish and given a serpent; Luke 11:11.