I'm so lost here I'm really am crying. I learned html in a Web/Desktop Publishing class and was good at it. Enjoyed it so much I'm Web master of my church's Web site http://www.fefconline.org. I want to be able to make this a very useful tool for the members and need a ton of help, so PLEASE be patient. Thanks for your help!!

In my e-mail from Webnet77 it said I have Mail-A-Friend pre-installed.

When I type the link in the Web browser http://fefconline.org/cgi-sys/mtf/fm.pl it takes me to a site map on the Webnet77 website. Please help!!

Another problem I'm having is with e-mail in general. I know how to give e-mail addresses, but how do I add a link on the Website so they can access their e-mail account.

I really hope someone here can help me. FYI: I am a literal learner, which means that I do better with precise, step-by-step instructions.

Thanks, Thanks, and Thanks again and God Bless