Our company's website and email are hosted with Webnet77. Lately we have been experiencing numerous random problems with users not being able to send and/or receive email. Our former IT manager (whose role I have assumed) had contacted WN77 on several occasions for an explanation and each time was assured that the problem had been fixed. One such episode was related to spam, which I understand, but many of our email failures appear to have no explanation and are not replicable.

Today I received a call from our Canadian office reporting that they were having problems with their email accounts. Examples:

+ one user could send email to accounts at our domain name, but not to external domains.
+ another user was experiencing the opposite -- he could send to external domains but not to our own.
+ a thid user could only receive email -- all his attempts to send anything failed.

These are just the ones I heard about. Just now I received another call from Canada explaining that "everything seems to be working now." Emphasis on the word "seems" -- I'm very concerned that a repeat of this sort of downtime could hurt our business directly. I'm also a little upset that we were told these issues would be resolved, but they have not been.

I need someone from Webnet77 to please contact me directly at the email address attached to my Bibleforums account as soon as possible. Thanks.