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Thread: What Denomination?

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    Question What Denomination?

    I know that we are all one huge family with God as our Creator, Lord, etc, but I am curious....

    What denomination do you attend? Are you a member?

    Feel free to share what other denominations you have attended, if you wish.

    (I pray that this thread doesn't turn into "debating about denominations," as that is not my intention in starting this thread. I am just curious about how many different denominations are on this board.)
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    Christian and Missionary Alliance (CMA).

    I am not a label. I think you nailed it with your first sentence. The church I attend is non-denominational, which suits me perfectly.

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    Spurgeon1888 Guest
    Since you asked, Southern Baptist. But I consider myself a Christian, not a Southern Baptist - my denomination won't get me into heaven, nor will church membership... it's gonna take God's grace for what I've done. Thank God for Jesus!

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    We are members of a non-denominational church. We used to be affiliated with a denomination, but split from it when their doctrine started getting all wacky.
    Christians aren't perfect; just forgiven!
    Therefore since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand. And we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God. -- Romans 5:1-2

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    Tough Question, I am an independent Fundamental Baptist, but not to be confused with those other IFBs.

    **just to clarify I mean the ones I always have to apologize for**

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    Well, you go past your Sea of Galilee and take that first left.
    I grew up in the United Methodist Church -- primarily because that's where my parents went. I am currently a member of a UMC, but my ministry is non-denominational.

    Strange, I know, but I'm a little weird anyway...
    All people matter to God, and they matter to me! <)))><

    I'm your brother! Scary, ain't it...


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    I attend a Pentecostil church and yes, I'm a member
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    I'm a member of a non-denominational Bible church.

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    I am a conglomeration of several. I attend a Pentecostal "non-denominational" church now as there are no Messianic synagogues where I live. When I was first saved, I attended Assemblies of God churches for several years. And I have also been a member of Church of Christ, and a frequent visitor to charismatic Catholic services.
    In Messiah Alone,

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    Hi all,

    As a child and young man, I was a member of the Episcopal Church.

    I came to salvation in a Southern Baptist Church, and I am a member of a SBC to this day

    I agree with my fellow Southern Baptist who posted's not the denomination, it's the shed Blood of Christ!
    Ιησούς Χριστός ο κυριος μου και ο θεος μου

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    Born and baptised a Lutheran. Attended that denomination until I married my dh, who was Christian Missionary Alliance.

    After several fights ensued over whose church to attend, we found a non-denominational Bible teaching church in our town. We've been happy ever since.
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    Cit Guest
    My first church was Southern Baptist. I moved & had to find a new Church which was Christian and Missionary Alliance. Now I attend a non-denominational church. The label matters little but I find it intresting to find out what denomination people belong to as well.

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    Christian and Missionary Alliance here too. My wife and I are both members.
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    I started off as a Southern Baptist, then started going to a Bible Baptist church when I moved to oklahoma. Now that I'm back in Texas, I've been going to a Southern Baptist church. I've been having some issues with some of our pastor's teachings, though, so I may be moving to a non-denominational churc in the near future.

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    Closer than you think...

    Church of the Nazarene, in case the logo goes missing.

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